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RVAT - A commercial Vacuum Heat Treatmnet company in Ludhiana, Punjab India

Just as choosing the correct tool & die steel is very important, equally important is the proper heat treatment of the same. it is critical to realize the full potential of the chosen alloy and also to retain the dimensional integrity of the heat treated tools. RVAT is a commercial company which provide Vacuum heat treating in Ludhiana, Punjab India.

Quench pressure, up to ten times atmosphere pressure (10-bar), can be used to quickly and thoroughly quench (cool) even the heaviest and thickest cross-sections after heating. This high capacity quench capability insures full and complete hardening of the material...


Advantages of Vacuum Heat Treatment

  • Repeatable Result
  • Speed
  • Reduced Distortion
  • Increase Component Life
  • Performance
  • Quality Control
  • Cleanliness
  • Environment and Safety Issued

Vacuum Heat Treatment Products

Pressure Die Casting Die Pressure Die Casting Die Pressure Die Casting Die Pressure Die Casting Die Press Tool Threading Taps Hobbing Cutter Tube Mill Rolls Pharma Die Punches Injection Mould Thread Milling Cutter
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