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Advantages of Vacuum Heating

The process is totally computer controlled, with data logged and retained. Repeat orders can be processed to exactly the same criteria as the first, even after years.
Reducing post treatment finishing saves finishing time. Identifying faulty or substandard items during treatment means rejects can be removed from the production process at an early stage.
Distortion is significantly reduced due to the precise control of the temperature within the furnace, and the heating and cooling speeds. This means a reduction in the amount of grinding or machining required post treatment
With Vacuum heat treatment there is no opportunity for corrosion to set in, unlike other treatment methods which can leave corrosive residues.
Rapid quenching makes higher hardness possible and also increases the depth of hardenability due to which performance of material become multifold better.
If different materials have been mistakenly mixed within a batch, this will often show up during treatment. This can save time and expense prior to the next operation, or prevent future breakdowns or malfunctions.
Working within a vacuum, surface oxidisation is vastly reduced, and no contaminants are used (such as with caustic salt baths), meaning that no residuals remain in places such as blind holes. Items will often appear as bright after treatment as before, obviating the need for further machining or grinding post treatment.
Vacuum heat treatment is environmentally friendly as no poisonous salts are used in the process. This is also a safety benefit of our own staff during treatment, and your staff during subsequent handling or machining.

Vacuum Heat Treatment Products

Pressure Die Casting Die Pressure Die Casting Die Pressure Die Casting Die Pressure Die Casting Die Press Tool Threading Taps Hobbing Cutter Tube Mill Rolls Pharma Die Punches Injection Mould Thread Milling Cutter
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