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Salient Features of Vacuum Heat Treatment at RVAT


With our Vacuum Furnaces offering uniform heating and controlled cooling, achieving the right balance between wear resistance and toughness is no longer an art but a sure science.

Steel That Can be Heat Treated

Category of Steels Steels
High Speed Tools Steels M2, M35, SKH51, ASP Grades, S390, S600, M42
Cold Work Tool Steels D3, D2, D6, SLD, Swerker 21, SKD 11, SLD Magic
Hot Die Steels H10A, H11, H12, H13, Orvar Supreme, W300
Stainless Steels / Plastic Mould Steels SS420, SS440C, Stavax, M300, P20, HPM38

Area of Applications

  • Pressure Die-casting Dies
  • Plastic Injection Moulds.
  • Plastic Compression Moulds
  • Cutting Tools Hob Cutter, Breaches, End Mill Taps etc.
  • Hot & Warm Forging Dies
  • Hot & Cold Extrusion Dies
  • Lamination Dies
  • Pharmaceutical Tooling
  • Rim Making Roll
  • Blanking, Forming, Stamping, Progressive Dies
  • Cube Pipe Making Rolls
  • Machine Tool Parts
  • Threading Rolls

Process Capability of RVAT

Vacuum Heat Treatment Products

Pressure Die Casting Die Pressure Die Casting Die Pressure Die Casting Die Pressure Die Casting Die Press Tool Threading Taps Hobbing Cutter Tube Mill Rolls Pharma Die Punches Injection Mould Thread Milling Cutter
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