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Vacuum Heat Treating Services

Just as choosing the correct tool & die steel is very important, equally important is the proper heat treatment of the same. Proper heat treatment is critical to realize the full potential of the chosen alloy and also to retain the dimensional integrity of the heat treated tools.

Quench pressure, up to ten times atmosphere pressure (10-bar), can be used to quickly and thoroughly quench (cool) even the heaviest and thickest cross-sections after heating. This high capacity quench capability insures full and complete hardening of the material.

Our facility is well equipped with furnaces that are microprocessor controlled to monitor "recipe" cycles that ensure repeatable heating, soaking and quenching rates. These "recipes" are customized for your particular application to achieve the desired results. This technology enables precise targeting of specified microstructure, surface characteristics, cleanliness and mechanical properties. Precise temperature and environmental control prevents surface contamination and preserves surface chemistry, preventing scaling, oxidation and decarburization.

Our Vacuum Furnaces are suitable for a wide range of Heat Treatment for Tools and Die Steels including Hardening, Tempering, Annealing and Stress Relieving as well as for Vacuum Sintering and Brazing. Heating is done under Vacuum of 5x10-2 millibar and Quenching is done using Nitrogen gas with pressures ranging up to 10 Bar (absolute). Tempering is done under Vacuum of up to 5x10-1 millibar & quenching is done using Nitrogen Gas with Pressure ranging up to 1 Bar (absolute).

Vacuum Heat Treatment Products

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